Enrique Calderon Gaona – Multimedios


Musician, family man, and race lover, with the passion to keep transforming. Current CTO of Grupo Multimedios for the past 5 years and a total of 16 working for this second home. Graduated from UANL in Administration Systems Engineer with an MBA in Finance, married and father of a lovely girl. Started out my professional career in 2007 as an intern in Multimedios in IT support, was hired as a field service engineer in the television division, then promoted in 2012 as IT Manager for the same division. During that time, I brought IT modern practices to a broadcast industry media group and leveraged them to gain a competitive advantage and ease of operations. So I finally got promoted to CTO in 2018 with a group of more than 150 engineers, designing the IT strategy

5:15 pm


Leveraging AI Large Language Models in Media

Nowadays, with the exponential growth of emerging technologies, the media industry is shifting from traditional technologies to innovative ones, such as: RPA, Low code, AI, AR, 5G, Machine Learning, just to provide some examples. One of the key sectors within the media industry is “News” and with the introduction of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, most news media companies are looking towards this emerging technology to leverage content creation, curation, and transcription with the use of AI’s Large Language Models (LLM’s) with the intent to create more content with less time and resources, and automate tedious tasks in the newsroom