Guillermo Lozano – L’Oréal

CTO Latin America
Seasoned IT professional with 15 years of experience, adopting technology from a practical perspective that makes sense and with a purpose, developing strong teams beyond daily activities while having a solid and meaningful partnership with different stakeholders, understanding their demands, and needs, focusing on sustainability, ethics, privacy, compliance, among other core and fundamental values, while maximizing the value they get
1:20 pm


CIO Panel Debate: Structuring for Success — Crafting Your Future Hybrid IT Culture

The world has changed; so has your workforce. CIOs are competing against organisations across the world for talent and must drive the business forward while evolving internal structures and processes to achieve efficiency. In this hyper-competitive, human-centered environment, CIOs are asking, “Where do we go from here?”

Join this panel debate with your peers and discuss:

  • Assessing technologies to be adopted, and phased out, to remain competitive
  • Ensuring your human-centric, flexible work strategy is future proof
  • Reskilling, upskilling and re-imagining your approach to talent in the face of changing technologies and the hybrid working world