José de Jesús López Iriarte – AstraZeneca

Head of Digital, Innovation & IT
Experienced in Digital Transformation, Digital Marketing & Innovation in different industries. He joined AstraZeneca Mexico in 2020, current IT, Digital & Innovation Director, and is part of the Senior Management Team, under his leadership AstraZeneca went through a huge Digital transformation, creating a new digital ecosystem, integration of new technologies such as AI & simplification: - Named the most digital influencing pharma by Expansion Magazine in 2021 - Named the most innovative pharma in MX by IT MastersMag in 2022 - Named one of the most innovative pharma brands by IT MastersMag in 2021 - Won a CIO 100 award for digital transformation and named one of the TOP 10 CIO leaders in 2022 International experience: worked with more than 30 countries, helping them accelerate, create, shape & implement their Digital transformation strategy. Education: Master degree in project management from Laureate International Universities (UNITEC) in alliance with the PMI.
CIO Panel Discussion: 10:30 am


CIO Panel Discussion: Building a Culture of Innovation

The mantra in today’s IT organizations is indisputable: build more apps faster. But it’s not easy. IT leaders are recognizing that their teams are shackled by legacy applications, the backlog has become unmanageable, and it’s difficult to remain agile with a growing portfolio of applications.

Key topics we will address with the panel are:

  • Application development priorities in the digital age
  • The evolution of IT automation
  • Where the disruptors are in your organization
  • How to control and exploit low-code for maximum benefit
Keynote - 11:10 am


Health Care Innovation: Machine Learning To Promote Early Diagnosis

The inclusion of new technologies in health care ecosystem is changing the way diagnose is handled, in this conference you’ll hear how Machine learning is supporting Health Care professionals and patients have a better life