Martin Krueger – BMW de Mexico

Head of IT
Working for BMW Group IT since more than 12 years in different roles. Since more than two years Head of IT in the Regional Office in Mexico City. Responsible for all IT of the National Sales Company and Financial Services in Mexico. Moreover in charge of Group IT topics and solutions for all 24 importer markets in Latin America.
CIO Edge Mexico Closing Panel - 5:45 pm


CIO Edge Mexico Closing Panel Debate- The New CIO Mandate in an Increasingly Volatile Business Environment

Future CIOs must go beyond their usual focus on operational efficiency – they need to help businesses cope with macro challenges like geopolitical instabilities, new supply and energy disruptions, and significant economic uncertainties. They must also be critical execution leaders as lines of business and operational teams struggle with micro-challenges like changing client expectations and significant price instabilities in raw materials and labor.